WP Super Cache Plugin Preload Problem

The highly rated and recommended WordPress caching plugin, WP Super Cache has problems. At least the current version has un-resolved bugs. The main problem lies with the preload function. Cache Preload is supposed to create a cached (static) version of every page/post on the site using WP Super Cache, however in a number of instances […]

A Strong About Page Good For Business

How often do we neglect our ‘About Pages’? Often the About Page is created, published and then ignored. Do we use the About page as well as we could? Many About pages are weakly optimised, with not much more than a brief description of the website, or the business. the About Us page is often […]

Search Form Recaptcha Mistake

We made a mistake late yesterday evening and unintentionally placed a Recaptcha challenge in the site search box (at the top right of all pages). The person responsible (The Boss) has been suitably chastised and offers his apologies for any inconvenience caused to site visitors. In his defence he pleads long hours worked over the […]

Internet Slow this Month

South Africa is experiencing generally slow internet connectivity nationwide since February 2012. I have received reports of slow internet connectivity in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth over the past few weeks. By mid April the problems continue. Telkom’s own HSPA (3G) service has become virtually un-useable with connection speed approaching dial-up (and worse) […]

Telkom Internet Routing Causing Problems

South African Internet users are plagued by high latency, dropped connections and general slow speed. Finally, the cause can be laid squarely at Telkom’s door. Telkom’s network is found by routing analysis to be dropping up to 100% of packets. Six weeks after first writing this article the problems continue although there has been a […]

Grey Market Imports Harm Computer Industry

Unscrupulous importers and re-sellers of grey market computer components and systems are having a negative impact on South Africa’s computer industry. These products are usually sold at prices well below the level that fully supported products can be retailed for. Grey market computer components do not have the support of manufacturers’ agents in South Africa, […]

Sharing Button Code Change

Changed Sharing Button to Own Code I changed the code used for the most of the sharing buttons used on this site (top left) to my own code today. When I built this Drupal CMS site I was a bit lazy, and used a Drupal Module (Share This) for the sharing code, with some changes […]

Hotlinked Images Removed

We have removed a number of images from the site, and are in the process of moving other graphic images to new locations. A spate of hotlinking by an e-mail spammer has initiated this response.Several thousand downloads of certain social icons e.g. Facebook buttons, by recipients of the spam e-mail were seen on a daily […]