A Strong About Page Good For Business

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How often do we neglect our ‘About Pages’? Often the About Page is created, published and then ignored. Do we use the About page as well as we could? Many About pages are weakly optimised, with not much more than a brief description of the website, or the business.

the About Us page is often considered low in value compared to the rest of our websites or blogs and little attention is paid to making it worthwhile.

The Strong About Us Alternative:

Why not use your About Us page strongly optimised for SERP to present our website, blog or business to the world. When you think about it, doing so makes a lot of sense.

The about us page of course should tell readers about the blog, website or business. Someone searching for a company by name should really find the about page high up the list of search engine results.

However, we are not limited to only introducing the name of the site or company. We can use it to introduce readers to other pages and articles. Let the readers know what they can expect to find on the site, or what the business has to offer.
About Us: From Wrong to Strong

A current work project prompted this articles. The site is a 2 year old business website belonging to a Real Estate Agent in Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA. The task is to build the sites presence, improving SERP, and general backend support.

With the most urgent backend functions attended to, time came to look at content. The about page was added to the main navigation menu, but had never been changed from the original page WordPress creates on first installation. Pretty much useless for the website, definitely not on for Google SERP. Many thousands of these default WordPress about pages exist on websites and blogs throughout the world. WordPres.com alone has several thousand. With so much duplicate content, Google will not approve.
A Double About Us Bonus

Co-incidently, the name of the real estate company allowed some very strong multi term, highly relevant content. Clearwater Beach Real Estate allows very effective key term density for three natural combinations;

Clearwater Beach
Real Estate
Clearwater Beach Real Estate

Adding minor low density terms for surrounding areas; Island Estates, Sand Key and Clearwater (proper) adds to the value of the page.

A banner image adds visual impact to what was previously a zero value web page. About Clearwater Beach Real Estate web page can now be considered a reasonable landing page, informing site visitors about the business.