Hotlinked Images Removed

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We have removed a number of images from the site, and are in the process of moving other graphic images to new locations. A spate of hotlinking by an e-mail spammer has initiated this response.Several thousand downloads of certain social icons e.g. Facebook buttons, by recipients of the spam e-mail were seen on a daily basis so a decision was taken to permanently remove all linked images not being used at ths time for our website.

Everyone Will Need to Re-apply to Link to Images

All hotlinking has been blocked at this time pending a review of those sites linking directly to images. All site owners/webmasters, including those previously allowed, will need to re-apply for linking permission and satisfy Graphicline management that the terms of use are being kept. Several sites recently added to the permitted list failed to include, or later removed/nofollowed the required backlinks and credits.

This review process may take some time while we prepare the necessary forms for application and publish them on this website. Unfortunately right now the priority is dealing with existing problem areas.
Basic Terms of Direct Image Linking:

The terms below are the basic requirements for direct image linking. Full terms are being prepared and will be posted on this site shortly;

Every website linking to an individual image used on a single page of that site must include a search engine follow able link to the actual page the image is displayed on this website or any website using the domain, as well as a visible and clearly displayed credit line “image from” immediately underneath the image.

Websites wanting to link to images they use on multiple pages/every page e.g. social sharing icons such as are used for Facebook, Twitter and Linked In sharing and book marking will need to place a small banner image with a link to our website font page (or page we choose) – the image URL and linking code will be e-mailed to you on approval.

This image must be placed in a prominent location “above the fold” (in other words immediately visible when a page opens in a browser window) on every page using the images from our website, with the exception that a single visible text link may be used for the front page of the website, placed below the fold or in the footer area. These links must be search engine follow able.

These credits and backlinks to our required page will have to be in place before any permission will be granted for any site to link to our images.

Failure to comply with the requirements, and later removal of the link will result in permanent blocking of the sites access to the image, or the replacement of the linked image with one naming the site a data bandwidth thief, and warning visitors the site may be dangerous.