Sharing Button Code Change

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Changed Sharing Button to Own Code

I changed the code used for the most of the sharing buttons used on this site (top left) to my own code today. When I built this Drupal CMS site I was a bit lazy, and used a Drupal Module (Share This) for the sharing code, with some changes to all buttons used in the widget/block, except the “Share This” green icon link, to open the share windows directly, instead of using the “Share This” box.

I really should have used my own code that works using modal windows (pop-ups) at the time, instead I got lazy and took the route mentioned – it also gave me the opportunity to try out some other technique, so I will use that as my excuse. Then I completely forgot (excuse being “I didn’t have the time”).
Working on Code Snippet Pages Reminded Me

The morning was spent working on the snippet pages (Webmaster Technical Things) made me think “why am I using this code when my own popular code works better (so I’ve been told by users of the snippets anyway), and uses pop-ups. So this afternoon I got stuck in and changed the Digg This, Facebook, Reddit, and Delicious share code to my versions. So much better with modal windows!

The code for Twitter, Stumble Upon and Linked-In hasn’t been changed – I haven’t got round to developing code to work with modal pop-ups for these shares yet – this year hopefully. The code for the twitter button is semi-functional now – but I’m still having a hassle to get it to use Open Graph meta to populate the share box. The others; I haven’t started yet – I have an idea once I get the twitter code working properly, it can be adapted to these other shares.